KEY-BAK has been providing high quality goods that are designed and assembled in the United States with globally sourced materials for over 70 years. In 1981, we invented the first I.D. badge reel, the MINI-BAK®. Now we offer a full line of superior quality badge reels, lanyards, I.D. tags, and accessories.

Why Buy From KEY-BAK

Quality products from a brand you trust. KEY-BAK® has been providing high quality goods for over 70 years. Our products are built to last, with verified testing to over 10x longer then competitors! We offer a full line of superior quality badge reels, fishing products, lanyards, I.D. tags, and accessories with quick turnaround times shipping from our Southern California headquarters.

Fast Turnaround Times
With our full line of products assembled domestically with globally sourced materials, we can turn products around in as little as four working days.

Quality Products
We offer some of the highest quality retractors on the market with verified testing of over 10x longer! We stand behind every product we sell.

Inventory Availability
We stock a wide variety of products in our California warehouse, so we can provide products to you much faster than our competition.

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